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  • Xia Li

    "Image source":https://img.fstatic.com/eYDhsnXjHx0wFmDtNyIge6mHLKM=/full-fit-in/290x478/https://cdn.fstatic.com/media/artists/avatar/2016/11/yuen-qiu_a1022.jpg

  • Sonya Ducet

    h4. BIO *Height:* 5'2 *Weight:* 130lbs *Age:* 26 *Eyes:* dark brown *Hair:* dark brown, neatly curled *Skin:* dark brown h4. BACKGROUND As an only child, Sonya's family placed all their expectations on her, and she excelled all throughout …

  • Starla

    Meeting at Callahan's, Starla asked [[:xia-li | Xia Li]] to deliver something to Stormholm via the Rocinante, having provided an introduction to the ship's bosun, Leila. Starla had a scar - a thin, wiry line stretching from one ear to her cheek. [[ …

  • Katarina Williamson

    Sonya has flawless hair and shoes. Smooth and sleek and shiny. Her suit has coat has rumpled elbows though, and she is clearly someone who pushes her sleeves up to work over and over again all day long. She is also pureblooded -- not a drop of witch in …

  • Lillian Gillespie

    [[File:740256 | class=media-item-align-center | Lillian.jpg]] "Image source":http://ellearabia.com/media/cache/photogallery_entry/uploads/cms/photo-gallery/entries/5890640870079.jpeg

  • Desdemona Takagi

    [[File:740258 | class=media-item-align-center | Desdemona.jpg]] "Image source":http://s.movie.as/images/p/71068_m1322409882.jpg