Fulmetic science is the most significant gift humanity has received since Prometheus granted us fire. But our race is not ready for it – not worthy. I will not hand you silver staves if you only plan to beat each other to death with them.


Instead, I will gather people of like mind – men and women who pursue science for the sake of knowledge, not for material gain or a national mandate; captains of industry who are mindful of the workers who brought their dreams into reality; the former slaves who have found no place in the new world your War of Secession has made. I shall take them all to my new world.


And my new world shall be named Argent.

-Duncan Harrison Hamilton, argentograph recorded 1881

Argent is an ongoing, online roleplaying campaign, presented by Darth Krzysztof's Scheming Demon Games. Using the Fate Accelerated rules, it takes place in an Art Deco city in another world, where mad magic and black science collide. Find out what happens when the Universal Classic Monsters are turned loose on the streets of Fritz Lang's Metropolis. Right this way, just through this Silver Door…

The game began on xx date.

Sessions are conducted via Google Hangouts on Tuesday evenings and usually last two to three hours.

  This campaign is rated M for Mature.

Current Story Arc: I


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