Saitoh Zhi Tong Hayato

An Argent City Police Detective with no empty chambers


齋藤 知痛 隼人; “太郎” (Tarou, meaning thick or big son)

Undaunted Detective
Det. Saitoh hit the ground running from day one of his job in the police force, and hasn’t stopped since. First making his name by tackling the cases nobody else wanted to handle for any variety of reasons and finishing them despite all odds, he has by now in his career solidly maintained the reputation that he does not stop until he considers a job done. No matter what.

Don’t Listen to the White Moths
Hayato grew up in his grandmother’s house—somehow simultaneously always full to the brim with people and things but comfortable and never feeling too crowded. He loved most the things that were old, covered in dust and the fingerprints of generations; the stories his grandparents told him of the lands of their birth that they left to come to Argent. This left possibly the biggest impression of his life, and has defined the stark boundaries of his interests ever since, cultivating a near-obsessive desire to learn his family’s histories and customs, collect items meaningful to them, and in the process discover more and more questions he has to answer himself.

Careful: Good ( +3)
Clever: Average ( +1)
Flashy: Average ( +1)
Forceful: Fair ( +2)
Quick: Fair ( +2)
Sneaky: Mediocre ( +0)

Kintsukuroi: Sometimes the pieces fit better when you put them together yourself. +2 to Cleverly assess a situation with sufficient time to study it.

Locked and Loaded: Cutting your teeth on joint lock submissions and taking your morning zhōu with revolver marksmanship training has to come in handy sometimes. +2 to Forcefully manhandle an opponent to an advantage OR +2 to Quickly identify hostile targets out of arm’s reach.

Height: 5’8"
Weight: 163lbs
Age: 32
Eyes: warm dark brown
Hair: black and thick, long enough to wear pulled back
Skin: a healthy tawny color




Lien Tao —Inventor, Researcher; Retired
Akihito Kuroda —Merchant; Retired
Kazuo Jin Hao — Bookkeep/Accountant for the tea shop Jasmine Pearls
Xiá Li — Owner/Proprietor of Tea Shop
Sen Hui — Healthworks (or equivalent) Administrator
Lillian Beckett —Transitionist/Transition Expert into Argent, Master Linguist (Omniglot)
Mĭn Jié — Inventor, Researcher
Teijo Saitoh — Sensei, Owner of Dojo in Takenouchi-ryū style (himself taught by Takenouchi Tōjūrō Hisatane, the “true to family” side of the school’s split)
Hayato Zhi Tong —City Detective
Jūn Lì —Intelligence Analyst (or equivalent) for background City Workings/Gov’t (or some such)
Jing Saburo —Witch Hunter Division (WHD) Detective, KIA 1932
Xiang Asuka —Councilman (or on a City Council, equivalent high lawmaker/politician/etc)
Ayumi Qiáng —Assistant at Tea Shop
Iris Chiyo —Doctor/Physiker/Physician
Lee Jian —Middle Education Teacher

Saitoh Zhi Tong Hayato

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