Sonya Ducet

An aspiring bureaucrat with a perfectionist streak a mile wide


High Concept

Petty Official – Emphasis on “petty”; as an aspiring bureaucrat, Sonya has access to a lot of insider knowledge on the Silverite legal and research departments — but not as much as she wants to.


Witchblooded – Although not recent, Sonya has Witch ancestry somewhere in her line, and enough of her superiors know to consistently pass her over for promotions and opportunities.

Other Aspects

What’s In It For Me? – Sonya is eager to prove herself and get any leg up she can to climb the bureaucratic system, and she will take any advantage she can get.

R&D Attache – As a member of the legal department supporting the official fulmetic research of Argent, Sonya has a more than basic understanding of fulmetism and its impact on the city.


Careful: Fair (+ 2)
Clever: Good (+ 3)
Flashy: Average (+ 1)
Forceful: Fair (+ 2)
Quick: Mediocre (0)
Sneaky: Average (+ 1)


Legalese: +2 to Cleverly overcome wherever knowledge of the law can work to Sonya’s benefit.

Standard-Issue: Because she has access to fulmetic R&D materials, once per session, she may make use of a device that can remove one situational aspect from a scene.



Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):




Height: 5’2 Weight: 130lbs Age: 26
Eyes: dark brown Hair: dark brown, neatly curled Skin: dark brown


As an only child, Sonya’s family placed all their expectations on her, and she excelled all throughout her early schooling. It was believed she had a bright, bright future ahead of her and she secretly harbored dreams of being on the Security Council — a rare honor. During her background checks, however, it came to light that far back in her familial ancestry, there was a witch in the bloodline. While she was permitted to join, any superior with the information began to ignore her hard work and magnify her mistakes. Angry that her parents had never told her and angry with the witches in general, Sonya took a personal stance deeply in favor of all Silverite policies and began to work even harder to prove she was a worthwhile candidate for any position.


Sonya is notoriously fussy and pedantic. Many years of being severely chastised for minor errors have made her a perfectionist so that when the next opportunity for a promotion arises, she cannot be passed over due to minor criticisms. She extends this perfectionism to the people around her, making her difficult to work with. It is, ultimately, a cover-up for her feelings of innate inadequacy. Whether it is because of her witch ancestry or her own personal imperfections, every failure is a reminder that she’s not good enough.


Henriette Ducet (nee Cooper) – A generally well-liked woman with nearly 30 years in the mailing service. While she’s never gotten in the way of her daughter’s dreams, she thinks it’s a waste that so much of her energy is going to something she will probably never achieve.

Curtis Ducet – A warm, emotional man, he is prone to great joy and also to great anger, which has gotten him fired more than a couple of times. Currently a [??], he’s doing his best to keep a low profile this time. Unlike his wife, he wants his daughter to do the best she can and believes in her success.

Sonya Ducet

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