Shan Xia

A little aimless, a little prone to pirating.


High Concept
High and Dry : Betrayed, exiled, and angry. Desperately in need of a new goal or purpose.

Can’t Leave the Past Behind: also still in love with the woman who betrayed her

Other Aspects
I am a Perfectly Normal Human: Despite years in Argent, sometimes it’s still hard to pretend, or to remember the things that these humans might notice as odd.
Daughter of Penglai: Recognizes elemental magic; is very good at reading water, both in terms of ocean currents and weather.

Forceful: (+ 3)
Sneaky: (+ 2)
Quick: (+ 2)
Clever: (+ 1)
Careful: (+ 1)
Flashy: (+ 0)

Easily Underestimated: As she looks small and delicate, Shan gets a +2 on her first forceful attack


Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):


  • Height: 5’
  • Weight: 115lbs
  • Age: ?
  • Eyes: black
  • Hair: black
  • Skin: pale white, almost grey in the shadows

Accomplished sailor, occasional thug-for-hire, Shan is an excellent First Mate. Not only because of her skills out at sea, or her ability to corral an unruly crew, (frequently by punching whomsoever is the most obnoxious ‘til everyone shuts up), or even her highly valuable and desirable knack at weather-reading, but also because she has absolutely no desire or ambition to be a Captain. Most anyone in the docks knows of her, and she is passingly familiar with who to talk to if she needs something she can’t get herself. She generally has no particular qualms taking some of the more … unpleasant … jobs around town, but is not someone known to be vicious or unpredictable for her own reasons. All right, technically she’s a pirate. Who punches people if they’re in her way. She has a lovely singing voice. And eats a lot of fish. She’s very nice to wait staff, and will finish any job she agreed to do. She likes being paid in pearls.

No one seems to know how long she’s been crewing ships out of Argent, or how old she is.

Captain Baird, an almost legitimate Privateer who has previously hired Shan as her First Mate.

Zhang Xia Li, the proprietor of the Jasmine Pearls, a slightly shabby if highly respectable Tea House up in Argent proper.

Shan Xia

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