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Game Issues

Game issues are explained at this link. Briefly, they are the things going on in the city of Argent that will propel the PCs into action. Game issues are aspects; they're available to invoke or compel throughout the entirety of the game, and they can change whenever the game reaches a major milestone

Like other aspects, game issues are a potent source of problems – the seeds of game scenarios. 


Current Issue: The Man Behind the Silver Curtain

Since the closing of the Silver Door fifteen years ago, Duncan Harrison Hamilton has become increasingly withdrawn. It's been over a year since anyone you know has seen him in public. Hamilton's right-hand man, Takagi Horatio, now runs Argent. Some believe that the inevitable passing of the torch will be an opportunity to claim power for themselves.


Impending Issue: Silberdämmerung

Anarchist, black scientist, pagan – Doktor Geist is all of these things, and worse. For the past decade, he has wished nothing more than to burn Argent to the ground, and dance among the ashes. His assaults have recently slowed, but Zacarias Coronado is sure that the villain is gathering strength for an attack unlike anything our city has ever seen before.


Story Questions

These two game issues suggest a few problems already. In resolving a problem over the course of a scenario, the PCs will answer story questions. This part of Fate is generally a GM-only exercise, but I welcome player input here. If you have questions you want to see answered, let me know! I won't get to answer all of these questions in the first scenario – or indeed, any time soon – but we'll see what we can do.

I have ideas about the answers to many of these already. Some of them are more "set in stone" than others. But all of the answers could change over the course of play.

- Where is Hamilton? What's he doing? WHY?
- Does Takagi share Hamilton's vision, as he claims? Or does he have a different plan for Argent?
- What secret is Takagi's wife, Desdemona, keeping?
- What really happened to the Silver Door?
- Whatever happened to Queene Nyx, for that matter?
- What the hell is Niccolò Moretti up to?
- What is Doktor Geist planning?
- Why does Doktor Geist hate the city of Argent so much?
- Who murdered Starla? And why?
- What is Anada's interest in Argent?
- What kind of trouble will Lillian Gillespie get into in Windsor?


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